Wrapade Machines follow all FDA guidelines, are CE compliant, and are fully validatable. The frame is powder coated tubular steel and all exposed parts are either stainless steel, anodized steel, or food grade plastics.

22 inch Feed Disk With Vacuum

Facilitates high speed filling of the feed tracks while removing dust, which would eventually clog the feed tracks.

V-612 Multi-Product Machine

V-612 E-Commerce capability up to 16 different
products per pouch, 2-up

Sealing Roll Assembly

Forms the top, bottom and sides of the pouch. Wrapade’s sealing rolls are designed with an “interlocking pyramid” sealing pattern, which improves the seal integrity by increasing the surface area of the seals and improves heat transfer through the film when meshing the two layers together

8 Product Feed System

Can be configured to run up to eight different products per pouch, 4-up

Powder Filling System

Can be configured to fill different powders in multiple fill ranges.